Municipality of San José prepares to open 33 parks

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The Municipality of San José announced this morning the opening of 33 park areas under its jurisdiction and two weeks later it will open others in a second stage.

To achieve this opening, the city council had to comply with a series of protocols requested by the Ministry of Health such as:

Placement of the label with information on sanitary measures, demarcation of the disabling of children’s games and other structures, having monitoring mechanisms and committing to carry out disinfection of urban furniture, disabling of children’s games, of the fields to practice sports such as basketball, volleyball and soccer, as well as the structures to perform calisthenics exercises (system of physical exercises using body weight).

The Municipality of San José manages 500 spaces between green areas and parks, which requires gradual openings to comply with the protocols established by the Ministry of Health.

In addition, the Municipal Police and Park officials will carry out periodic inspections to verify compliance with the protocols, another mechanism that will be used will be the cameras in the parks where they are located.

The Municipality made several telephone numbers available to citizens to report cases of non-compliance with sanitary measures in the park:

  • Policía Municipal 2547 6285.
  • Municipalidad de San José 2547 6000.
  • Sección Parques 2547 6271/ 2547 6272.
  • Delegación de la Fuerza Pública de su localidad.

In this regard, the mayor of San José Johnny Araya Monge made a call to the community in order that each one must personally, family and neighborhood watch over compliance with the guidelines established by the health authorities

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