Municipality of San José cancels Zapote, Toros, Tope and Carnival

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In view of the directive issued by the Ministry of Health, which indicates that mass concentration activities are suspended throughout this year 2020 due to the health emergency that the country is experiencing, the Municipality of San José makes it official this Monday, August 3, that it will they cancel the traditional “Fiestas de San José”, the cap and carnival.

In effect, we announce that, abiding by the provisions of the Ministry of Health, we will not have the massive events that we traditionally have at the end of the year, such as the cap, carnival and the Zapote festivities in general. Obviously it hurts us as it happened with the cancellation of the Festival of Light, however, we 100% comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Health, with the understanding that protecting the health of all Costa Ricans at this time is essential, “said Johnny Araya , mayor of San José.

The Fiestas de San José have been held uninterruptedly for 50 years at the Zapote Fairground (with the exception of 2006), but this year, due to the global crisis that the country is facing due to Covid-19, the Festival Commission of San José will not carry out this Costa Rican tradition at the end of the year.

At the moment the Commission is working on the possibility of analyzing some type of event that can be done without an audience, however, it will be something that will be considered soon.

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