“Mujeres de Altura” a Documentary about women from Guanacaste

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Ramona, Flor, Rita, Rosa y Mercedes, are guanacastecan women that worked in farms, haciendas and restaurants. Working the first half of the XX century. In places as Bagaces, Liberia and La Cruz. Cantons that form the zone known has “the high grounds of Guanacaste”

This women are the focus of the documentary “Mujeres de Altura”. A production that looks at the infancy, experiences, and their every day life in the work space, their relationship with their bosses. Telling histories of the Sabana Guanacasteca, and the day to day of life in the small towns of Guanacaste. Telling stories of invasions, love, legends and more. Providing a look of an age. And time that has left a unique signature in the imagination of the province. The documentary was produce between 2017 and 2018. Via the scholarships form the Taller de la Dirección Cultura (DC) of the Ministerio de Cultura Juventud y Deportes. As the student Soren Vargas says.

” I wanted to know the life of this ladies. Going beyond their work. Discovering how they saw their our life. Their part in the Haciendas, and its context. Their life relationships and how their life took places in the small towns. Among other activities. That was the begging of our investigation.” Soren Vargas director of the project told.

In documentary the women participating are: Ramona Ordóñez, Flor Sandoval, Rita Duarte, Rosa Espinoza y Mercedes Morales. In addition
Teresita Postome y José Antonio Sevilla, del Grupo de Adultos Mayores de La Cruz as guests. The argumental line was conducted by the Folklorist Marielos Jiménez from Bagaces.

Vera Vargas, form the office of Cultural Matters of Guancaste. That is part of the DC and the MCJ. Said that: “Inside the imagination of Guanacaste, different icons rise. Representing the culture of the province. The women has always been part of this constructions. But seldom have we take the time to listen. This women are protagonists of this ages. The live, experience and felt all the learning process. Of being part of the cattle Hacienda’s way of life. This documentary aims to provide this women a voice. To give this women of the high grounds the opportunity to share their testimonies. Sharing those days of a different era. Allowing the espectator to travel in time transported by their stories.

The documentary. “Mujeres de Altura” will premiere this Saturday 2 of February. at 5pm in the Museo de Guanacaste. And later will the shown in the Salón Comunal de Bangaces. The entrance is completly free.

According to Soren Vargas. Their having negotiations to share the documentary in open TV. Also make it available on the internet and public libraries.

  • Premiere “Mujeres de Altura”
  • 2nd of February.
  • 5 p.m.
  • Museo de Guanacaste, Liberia

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