More than 25,000 “Plan Proteger” steps completed

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During this weekend, the National Emergency Commission and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security began the process of paying the first 33,000 people who were approved to receive financial assistance from the Protect Bond.

As For this Monday, the payment of 90% of the total payroll has been managed, this because the remaining 10% could not be deposited because some of the accounts provided by the beneficiaries had errors, were not active or are credit card accounts .

The selection of these first 33 thousand people was made from the database of the protect form and from the application of the validations established in the decree signed the previous Friday by the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado Quesada. 

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Geannina Dinarte Romero, stressed that “we are very satisfied with the work done over the weekend that allowed us to cover 90% of the estimate when creating the payment forms. It fills us with satisfaction knowing that these people today can be a little calmer by having this financial aid in their accounts, which will allow them to meet the basic needs of their families. ”

“Now we enter a second stage in which we require the approval of the extraordinary budget presented by the Executive to cover all the people we have who qualify to receive the Protect Bonus.”

The resources used for these first payments (¢ 16,000 million) come from the National Emergency Fund in accordance with the Emergency Decree as a project of Extreme Urgency that the National Emergency Commission transfers to the National Treasury for the respective deposit in coordination with the Once the National Financial System is generated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

“We call on people to carefully review the data on the bank accounts indicated on the form, as we find cases of people who indicated accounts that were not active or that correspond to credit cards and were not we can make the deposit ”Minister Dinarte finished.

For his part, the Executive President of the National Emergency Commission, Alexánder Solís, stated that “with the resources from the FNE it is possible for the first phase of aid to be turned in a timely manner, while the extraordinary budget is processed and approved of the Republic, the main function of the National Emergency Fund is to be able to support people who are affected by an emergency or disaster very agilely and in solidarity

Institutions such as the National Treasury, the Central Bank and the National Financial System participate in and facilitate this effort.

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