Monument to the Heroes of 1856 turns 125 on September 15.

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The National Monument is a fundamental symbol of the most heroic deed of the Costa Rican people, the so-called National Campaign or Central American War against the Filibusteros, which took place between 1856 and 1857.

Precisely, the National Park, where the Monument is located in its privileged central area, has the declaration of Historical-Architectural Heritage, according to which, this is one of the most relevant open spaces in the capital.

The park’s existence dates back to the 1870s, when it was known as the Plaza de la Estación, a name given because of its proximity to the terminal of the Ferrocarril al Atlántico. However, the inauguration of the National Monument in 1895, led to the change of name. Since that time, the National Park has been the scene of important national celebrations.

It was Juan Rafael Mora Porras who in 1857 ordered the issuance of a decree to build a monument to commemorate the feat and honor the memory of the heroes and heroines who fought in the National Campaign.

Although its construction was decreed since 1857, 31 years passed (1888) for Mauro Fernández, then Minister of Public Instruction, and Bernardo Soto, then President of the Republic, decided to make this decree a reality and two more years (1890) , for Manuel María Peralta, ambassador to Europe, to commission it and sign the contract for its elaboration with the French sculptor Louis Carrier Belleuse (1848-1913).

This sculpture, made in bronze, was completed in 1891 and the following year (1892) arrived in Costa Rica. It was inaugurated on September 15, 1895, 125 years ago, within a framework of three days of national holiday in which there were great celebrations with the participation of the State and citizens. There were parades, retreats, fireworks, military maneuvers and popular dances. At that time, Costa Rica gave replicas of the sculpture’s model to the other Central American countries.

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