Ministry of Security recommends sticking to reliable sources of information.

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The Minister of Public Security, Michael Soto, reported on complaints where unscrupulous people circulate false information related to the health emergency by COVID-19, with the intention of misleading the public and thus obtaining some benefit.

Calls from individuals who identify themselves as officials of the Ministry of Finance who reported on an alleged tax exemption were reported. They request to enter links or install remote access programs on their computer, or to provide private information about their bank accounts.

Additionally, citizens report receiving access to a page that supposedly belongs to the United Nations, which reports on possible financial aid, which is false.

Likewise, images of alleged financial entities that provide easy-access loans with low interest are published on social networks for people who have been affected by the emergency, and subsequently interested parties are asked to deposit a certain amount of money in a account and they never give you the loan amount.

The Minister of Public Security, urged citizens to inform themselves by the official media and take the forecasts before the health emergency that the country is experiencing due to COVID-19. “We reiterate, please follow the recommendations of the government authorities and inform yourself through serious, truthful means of communication and be very careful with the publications that circulate on social networks,” he said.

Regarding the sanitary vehicle restriction operation, Minister Soto reported that 328 parts were carried out for failing to comply with the measure established by the government and 322 for other infractions, for a total of 650 fines.

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