Ministry of Labor reports 188,000 Protect Bonds as deposited

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During this Monday, a total of 157,859 Bonds were deposited to protect the people affected by COVID-19 in our country.

In addition to the deposits made from the National Emergency Commission (30,635 deposits), the total number of people who have received the Protect Bonus amounts to 188,494.

Additionally, a total of 91,866 people requested the opening of bank accounts, of which 47,901 people already have their respective account open today and will be able to receive the Bonus deposit in the next few days.

“We are advancing at a considerable rate with the deposit of the Bonds to these people who have had a labor and economic impact due to the pandemic facing our country and the world,” said the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Geannina Dinarte Romero .

He added that “in the next few days we will move forward with more deposits, mainly to these people who did not have bank accounts and today are already banked thanks to the efforts of the government and the national banking sector, we will also be notifying the people who are approved of the aid for its subsequent deposit ”.

According to the data of the beneficiaries of the 157 thousand recent deposits, 51.2% correspond to men, while 48.7% are women and 0.1% are intersex people.

On the other hand, to date, a total of 598,554 applications have been received for the Protect Bond, of these, 36% correspond to independent workers, 22.4% are temporary or informal workers, 21.6% are dismissed persons, 12% correspond to workers with temporary reduction of working hours and 8% have temporary suspension of contract.

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