Ministry of Health watches over 20 people from Cluster in La Carpio

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20 residents of La Carpio infected with the Conoravirus Sars-Cov2 have been evacuated from the La Carpio citadel, according to the Ministry of Health. Those infected correspond to a previously identified cluster or focus of contagion and another was found thanks to surveillance in high-risk sectors.

Due to the high population concentration, La Carpio is one of the “high-risk towns” in these areas. The Ministry of Health carries out at least 900 tests per week, to detect cases with and without symptoms. La Carpio is one of the 33 sites defined by health as “High Risk”.

The Ministry of Health proceeded to evacuate several of the infected to medical care centers because the situations in the citadel are not ideal for the care, treatment and isolation of patients.

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