Ministry of Health and CCSS plan 1850 Covid tests for Alajuelita.

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• In each selected family, an asymptomatic person will be sampled and if they identify a symptomatic person, they will also be tested.
• On the first day of testing, a target of 660 samples is taken in the sectors of the sectors: Alajuelita, San Felipe, San Antonio, San Josecito, Alajuelita health center headquarters.
• Testing will be carried out in 23 neighborhoods of 111 that the canton has.

A total of 1,850 people are the target of the massive random testing that the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) will be carrying out, in the canton of Alajuelita from this Monday to July 8, reported Dr. Román Macaya Hayes, president executive of the CCSS.

A contingent of 100 CCSS officials under the coordination of the Epidemiological Surveillance subarea of ​​the central level and the Alajuelita health area will work in a total of 23 neighborhoods of the 111 that the canton has.

The test will be carried out on people five years of age and older who live in silent communities such as: Chorotega, Corina Rodríguez, Los Pinos, Alajuelita Centro, La Guápil, San Felipe, Tejarcillos, San Josecito, Juan Rafael Mora, Vista Real, San Felipe 1, Calle Alto Parte Este, Concepción Arriba, El Tejar, Las Vegas, Piedras de Fuego, Cochea, Antolina, Calle Vieja al Colegio, Los Almendros, Riveras del Río, Ocho de Diciembre and Avenida Seis.

Two blocks were defined in each neighborhood and for each block the respiratory sample will be taken from 30 asymptomatic people, which means 60 people per neighborhood. On the first day of testing, 660 samples are targeted, and for this, five teams will be moving in the following sectors: Alajuelita, San Felipe, San Antonio, San Josecito, Alajuelita, Alajuelita health center.

Don Román Macaya explained that a work team will be itinerant due to distance and difficulty of access to some of the communities, in such a way that this team will travel to the most distant areas.

The hierarch commented that in each family that is located, only one asymptomatic person will be sampled. If a person with symptoms is identified, the sample will also be taken. For this, the primary care technical assistants (ATAP) will go to each randomly selected house to communicate to the family and identify a person. If they do not open in that house, continue with the house located on the right.

Dr. Macaya clarified that those symptomatic people who are not within the 23 selected areas, are requested to appear with a mask at the headquarters of the Alajuelita health area, so that they are cared for in the respiratory area.

The executive president recognized and thanked the CCSS staff “who are making a major effort to carry out this massive test in Alajuelita.”

He reiterated that these massive tests involve an extensive logistical operation “in which we always ensure the efficient use of public resources.”

On this occasion, approximately 100 officials from the central and local levels were mobilized, in addition to the coordination of transport, supplies for sampling, personal protective equipment, laboratory, technical epidemiological components, among other aspects.

There is also the accompaniment of 15 officers of the Public Force from different delegations of San José.

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