Ministry of Education will loan 250 Bicycles to students.

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A cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) and the Tejedores de Sueños Foundation will provide bicycles, as a loan, to 250 high school students from rural communities in the country, so that they can travel to their centers educational.

The first delivery was made this Wednesday at the Professional Technical College (CTP) of Cóbano: 36 students already have their bicycle to be able to travel to the educational center.

The activity, an initiative of the Tejedores de Sueños Foundation, had the participation of the Vice Minister of Planning and Regional Coordination of the MEP, Paula Villalta Ovares, officials of the National Insurance Institute (INS), students and representatives of the educational center.

The 250 bicycles are donated by citizens of Belgium and it is intended to deliver a total of 1,000 bicycles to students from schools in rural areas; The objective is to contribute to their permanence in school and to give them an incentive to complete their studies. During this year deliveries will be made in various stages.

“As a country we have a common goal which is to leave no one behind. Educational exclusion is an issue that concerns us all as a society. We are committed to developing projects that allow us to reduce educational exclusion and reincorporate people, giving students opportunities to be in the educational system, “said the Deputy Minister of Public Education.

And she added: “The Al cole en bici project provides students in vulnerable conditions with a bicycle as an alternative means of transport, safe, friendly to the environment, easy to use. I congratulate the Unit for the Permanence, Reincorporation and Educational Success of the MEP (UPRE), the Tejedores de Sueños Foundation and other institutions that support this project for the benefit of Costa Rican education for the work articulated ”.

The prioritization of the schools was carried out considering, in the first instance, the exclusion percentages, as well as the risk factors associated with permanence such as topography and access to public transport, among others.

In the case of the benefited students, the selection was made in coordination between the UPRE and the teams for the permanence of the educational centers, and it was considered students of all educational levels, who live more than two kilometers from the institution and that they have a safe route for their displacement, as well as that they will present a special situation for their student stay.

“I am very happy about this loan that will make it easier for me to get from my home to school,” shared Derek Sequeira, a seventh-year student at CTP in Cóbano.

For her part, Raquel Obando, student of the Night Section of the CTP of Cóbano in the Tourism area, expressed: “I am very grateful and very happy with the bicycle loan, since it will provide me with transportation to continue studying.

La lista de centros educativos beneficiados es la siguiente:

Centro EducativoDirección RegionalCantidad de estudiantes beneficiados
Liceo Rural  CerrosAguirre17
Liceo Miguel Araya VenegasCañas50
Liceo Rural La CasonaCoto18
Liceo Académico de TérrabaGrande de Térraba16
Liceo de BorucaGrande de Térraba16
Liceo Santa MartaGrande de Térraba24
CTP de CóbanoPeninsular36
Liceo de ChiraPuntarenas16
Liceo Rural Salvador Durán OcampoSarapiquí16
Liceo Rural La ConquistaSarapiquí17
Liceo Las DeliciasNorte Norte24
Total                                            11250

For its part, COSEVI will provide reflective elements, printed material and virtual training.

The use of bicycles by students is carried out as a loan and with a series of requirements, among which are: being enrolled, maintaining the link with the educational center, as well as demonstrating positive school progress during the school year .

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