Ministry of Culture and Youth reschedules activities canceled by Covid 19 for 2021

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The Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ) reports that, given the social and economic situation that the country is going through, the activities to execute the education and culture program in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Education (MEP): “Route of Museums” , “Theater in the Classroom” “Once upon a time theater” and “Once upon a time … Territory” will be rescheduled during 2021.

These programs are developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Education, an institution that also provides the main source of financing. The measure is due to the solidarity commitment to redirect part of its budget towards attending to the emergency the country is experiencing.

“For the Ministry of Public Education and the Directorate of Student Life it has been very difficult to take this measure; However, it is a time when we must be in solidarity and responsibly obey what the State has to maintain the country’s social and economic stability. We are confident that once the measures taken by the authorities take effect, we will see a strengthened Costa Rica. On behalf of the ministry that I represent, count on our formal support to reprogram and recover the projects that are feasible in 2020 and 2021. Hope and responsibility and a lot of art and culture in 2021, is our commitment to you “, assured Guiselle Cruz Maduro, Minister of Public Education

"Érase una vez...", programa del Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica

In accordance with Executive Decree No. 42221 and the possibility that the Ministry of Health enables to reschedule cultural activities from September, the Ministry of Culture and Youth has instructed the National Theater of Costa Rica, the Popular Theater Melico Salazar and the Center of Artistic and Cultural Production, the definition of a rescheduled agenda of cultural activities that adds to generating employment for culture workers and its positive impact on Costa Rican society.

“We understand the joint co-responsibility that all the institutions have in order to strengthen, in this phase of the crisis, the prevention of contagion and attention to the most critical needs of families. The growing offer of cultural and artistic programs that we have been building with Student Life and the Ministry of Public Education is a vital commitment for both parties and will be rescheduled as soon as possible. Given the impact this means, I have asked our affiliates to reprogram an agenda as robust as possible in generating opportunities and content with our sectors, by the time we reach the phase of reactivation of the country and the sector, “said Sylvie Durán Salvatierra, Minister of Culture and Youth.

Some of the activities that are expected to be rescheduled are: the National Arts Festival, the Book Fair, the Fair Made Here, the continuation of the Official Season of the National Symphony Orchestra, the XXXVII edition of the Graciela Moreno Choreographers Festival, Teatro al Mediodía and the dramatized guided tours offered by the National Theater, as well as the offer of performing arts of national plays and dance, offered by the Popular Theater Melico Salazar.

“We subscribe our commitment to continue in a responsible, creative and courageous way to reactivate our sectors and reinforce the social, emotional balance and the presence of this Ministry in its participation for the resurgence of our country,” added the head of the MCJ.

The rescheduling dates will be communicated in due time according to your planning.

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