Ministry of Culture and Youth issues protocol for musical activities with audiences

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The Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ) announces the approval of the Subsectoral Protocol for the reactivation of musical cultural activities with (live) audiences.

The process began in November 2020 when the music sector presented to the MCJ a proposal for a protocol to reactivate the artistic sector and a joint work process between leaders, managers of the sector and this Ministry was advanced, until the final format named “Protocol for musical cultural activities (live music) with an audience” was presented to the Ministry of Health.

“In response to the concerns of artists, workers and entrepreneurs in the music sector about the reactivation of their activities, thanks to their efforts and proactive attitude, we were able to support and achieve a further step in the reopening of musical events with an audience, by means of this Protocol. In the face of the restrictions to which the pandemic is subjecting us, we value all initiatives to develop alternative event formats, venue management and business models, including those that accelerate the safe and progressive reopening of artistic activities. We will continue to work actively and responsibly hand in hand with organisations and individuals interested in generating proposals,” said Sylvie Durán Salvatierra, Minister of Culture and Youth.

Guidelines for reactivation. The Ministry of Health authorises musical activities in open spaces. This authorisation will be known as “Phase 2”, with the following characteristics:

  • Musical activities with one to three live music performers and an audience present are permitted in outdoor open-air venues.
  • Activities may take place in venues or properties that already have a sanitary operating permit for this type of event.
  • Activities must maintain the 50% capacity limitation according to the characteristics of the event venue.
  • Performers shall perform in spaces separated from the audience (in spaces separated by intermediate barriers, walls or acrylic), ensuring a distance of at least 5 metres between them and the audience.
  • Musicians with wind (mouth blown) or singing instruments shall be isolated from the audience by the use of closed booths, or their participation from another room, room or space (no direct contact).
  • Under the co-responsibility model, during the pre-production, production and post-production of the activities (assembly, presentation, disassembly), participants and the public must wear masks, comply with the 1.8 metre bubble spacing, maintain the cleanliness of the site and common surfaces, and control the capacity.
  • The duration of the event will be two hours.
  • The spaces in each social bubble should be fixed.
  • The audience present must remain seated during the artistic activity. One couple per bubble may dance. When dancing is planned, the distance between bubbles will be 2.4 metres between each bubble.

    “This is, without a doubt, an important step to get out of the productive car park in which the sector of live music performers, engineers, technicians, promoters and other members of this great community find themselves,” said Esteban Howell, designer of the proposal.

    “Any possibility of work for musicians at this critical time is welcome because thousands of families depend on it. It is important to remember that apart from musicians, everyone working in culture and the entertainment industry has been seriously affected by the pandemic. We understand that only through dialogue and proposals can we reactivate ourselves responsibly,” said Edín Solís, president of the Asociación de Compositores y Autores Musicales (ACAM).

    It is important to remember that for the continuity or reactivation of the cultural, artistic and youth sector, it must be verified that the activities and services are generated in spaces authorised by the Ministry of Health and that they have the corresponding operating permits.

    It is the responsibility of producers, venue owners, cultural and art workers and the general public to abide by the official measures (in force) issued by the Ministry, the protocols issued by the MCJ and to have the procedures adjusted to the type of event and venue to be occupied.

    The Ministry of Culture and Youth and the organisations of the sector are invited to support artists and cultural workers with enthusiasm and responsibility.

    The official document can be downloaded from the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Youth at

    For future openings, the MCJ will disclose the phase authorised by the Ministry of Health.

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