Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud extrema medidas ante emergencia por COVID-19

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En concordancia con la emergencia nacional que experimenta el país y con el propósito de establecer acciones preventivas y de mitigación frente al COVID-19, el Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud (MCJ) toma medidas en relación con su agenda programática y formativa.

Dichas acciones se realizaron en apego a las “Medidas administrativas temporales para la atención de actividades de concentración masiva debido a la alerta sanitaria por COVID-19”, en su sexta versión, emitida por el Ministerio de Salud, el pasado 15 de marzo de 2020.

Adicional a las acciones que se detallan a continuación, el MCJ mantiene una comunicación constante con las autoridades sanitarias y de emergencias, en caso de que deba tomar medidas más drásticas, según evolucione la situación del país:

  • The MCJ museums are still open to the public during their regular hours, with the exception of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, which is kept closed this week due to the assembly of a new exhibition. The other museum institutions -Museum of Costa Rican Art, Calderón Guardia Museum, Juan Santamaría Museum, National Museum, José Figueres Cultural Center-, keep their rooms open; however, activities that generate crowds of people remain suspended. The Heritage Center also keeps its showroom open to the public.
  • Parque La Libertad suspended all scheduled activities at its facilities until Saturday, March 29, this includes lessons from the Computer Centers, Technology and Visual Arts Center (CETAV), all activities of the Children’s and Youth Center, courses regular sports and Youth area, regular courses of the School of Dance, Theater and Circus, courses and training of the Center for Management and Environmental Education (CEGEA), classes of the School of Music SiNEM-Parque La Libertad, school visits, workshops and training. Only the Early Intervention Center of the National Children’s Trust (PANI) remains in operation.
  • The National Music Education System (Sinem) suspended lessons at all its venues; They would resume on April 13, 2020.
  • The National Institute of Music suspended its lessons this week, and will announce when they will resume in due course.
  • The National Music Center suspended all scheduled performances. In addition, the National Symphonic Choir suspended face-to-face rehearsals.
  • The Casa del Artista School suspended its lessons until April 13.
  • The formative programs of the Melico Salazar Popular Theater suspended lessons.
  • The Civic Centers for Peace, with a presence in the seven provinces, suspended their courses and workshops, this includes the National Theater Workshop, the National Dance Workshop, the House of the Artist School, the Young People’s Council, the Directorate of Culture and Sinem.
  • The National Library System suspended activities that generate a greater influx of public.
  • The Bands Directorate suspended the scheduled performances of its seven musical ensembles.
  • The National Archive took extraordinary sanitary measures in its consultations and continues to work normally; In addition, it limited the number of people it serves to 50%.
  • The Cinema Center will offer this week “Preamble online”, a supply of films that can be seen by the public from their homes, so that people avoid going out and stay at home. Details are available at:
  • All the institutions of the Ministry of Culture and Youth take actions regarding extreme cleaning measures, informing their officials about necessary protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19; In addition, the application of telework was encouraged to the extent possible, without affecting service to the public.

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