Minister of Security denies that the Nicaraguan army is passing people to Costa Rica.

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Costa Rican Minister of Public Security Michael Soto Rojas denied that Costa Rican officers have been threatened by the Nicaraguan Army to allow the entry of people infected with the coronavirus, information that was disclosed through social networks, “I want to deny categorically that our officers are threatened on the northern border and that a massive income is taking place, as some publications on social networks misrepresent it, ”said Soto Rojas via Twitter.

The false publication mentioned the following: “Neighbors from the town of Upala in the border area report a very serious situation, the Nicaraguan army is said to be passing Nicaragua towards Costa Rica. According to witnesses, on occasions the Public Force was threatened by the Nicaraguan Army, the police report the situation and the Costa Rican government does not take strict measures on the subject, ”say the publications that the Security Minister denied.

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