MINAE requests to suspend requests for increases in electricity rates, transportation and fuel supply

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The Minister of Environment and Energy (MINAE), Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, urged the Regulatory Authority of Public Services (ARESEP) to suspend for three months the process in the procedures and entry into force of any rate increase related to the public services of supply of electric energy, transportation of fuels and LPG and supply of fuels derived from hydrocarbons.

By means of a note sent to the ARESEP Board of Directors, the head of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), explained that the measure seeks not to economically affect users in the face of the national emergency that the country is experiencing due to the new covid-19 coronavirus. , inviting the body to take the pertinent provisions, in accordance with its regulations, in order to mitigate the detrimental effects on all consumption sectors.

Rodríguez suggested that the measure be taken for a period of three months, taking into account the appropriate reviews carried out on the epidemiological situation, with the technical support of the Ministry of Health if necessary.

He added that “we are urging ARESEP to carry out the ordinary or extraordinary tariff procedures, related to the public services that are the responsibility of the MINAE when its result implies a tariff reduction, in order to have a positive impact, and as soon as possible , to the users of all the sectors of consumption ”.

In this context, he suggested to the body of this authority to establish the corresponding mechanisms to analyze the requests for eventual tariff adjustments, related to the effects on the economy and affecting the residential, industrial and commercial sector, and to value the distribution of said adjustment in a reasonable period of time, in order to mitigate the impact on users, after the period of attention of the health emergency.

Minister Rodríguez Echandí explained that this request is made in view of the current context of the country and the demand to take extraordinary measures that contribute to mitigating the economic impacts to the end user of public services for the supply of electricity and fuels derived from hydrocarbons and their transportation.

“The State must promote the reduction of the negative effects of this crisis, being a priority for the government of the Republic to alleviate and mitigate the possible economic impacts by avoiding diminishing the users’ ability to pay,” he concluded.

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