Minae grants extension to fuel suppliers that expire in 2020

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The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) granted an automatic extension to service stations, transport units, peddler (house-to-house sale) and self-consumption fuel tanks for three months, for those entities or service providers, whose concession, authorization or permit expire between April and June 2020.

This was reported by the minister of this portfolio, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, assuring that the measure seeks to support the national economy by giving a boost to impacted sectors such as concessionaires, authorized and permit holders who provide the public service of fuel supply or storage for self-consumption before the situation of COVID-19.

“Our objective is to give a boost to this sector, which in the midst of this situation makes it difficult for them to comply with the requirements to renew concessions, authorizations, operating permits and present updated Central American evidence,” said the head of the MINAE, the institution that authorizes the provision. of the public fuel supply service.

He added that this concession may be renewable depending on the evolution of COVID-19. “For this, those interested must submit the request for renewal or updated Central American technical test, in the corresponding month and in accordance with the guidelines established in current legislation,” he said.

MINAE notified about this extension to the corresponding concessionaires, authorized and permit holders, to the RECOPE Sales Directorate and to the ARESEP Energy Administration.

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