Millionaire wood forfeiture for illegal logging

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Thanks to a patrol through a mountainous sector of the town of El Jocote, canton of Los Chiles, officers from the Operational Support Group of the Public Force located a site where there was a large amount of cut and sawn wood, presumably illegally.

Among the found were 16 4×4-inch by 6-rod-long posts, 100 10-inch-wide by 4-rod-long boards, 8 6×2-inch by 4-rod-long boards, and a 6×4-inch by 4-rod-long board.

Apparently it is laurel wood, which is the third best-selling in the country.

The police immediately informed SINAC officials of the Ministry of the Environment, who indicated that the wood should be extracted and transferred to the La Guaria School.

After leaving her there, with the help of Border Police officers, the Public Force personnel left the case in the hands of SINAC, which would be in charge of the corresponding legal proceedings.

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