MICITT’s PROPYME Fund offers call for creative economy projects

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The Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) has opened the call for entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial teams interested in participating in the “Competition to finance Innovation Projects, Technological Development Projects or a combination of both”, including creative economy projects, within the framework of the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation 2015-2021 and the Costa Rica Creative and Cultural Strategy 2030, led by the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

The objective of this competition is to promote and improve the management capacity and competitiveness of Costa Rican enterprises, granting them complementary non-refundable financial support, in order to contribute to the economic and social development of the various regions of the country. The economic resources come from the PROPYME Fund, a budgetary transfer made by the Government of the Republic to the MICITT, to be applied to the granting of complementary non-refundable financial support.

Creative economy projects can participate through two modalities: the technical validation of an idea; or the validation of business ideas, whose ventures are located in the following socio-economic regions of Costa Rica: Chorotega, Central Pacific, Huetar Atlántica, Huetar Norte, Brunca and are related to the areas and strategic guidelines defined in the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation of the Government of Costa Rica 2015-2021.

Sylvie Durán, Minister of Culture and Youth expressed that “the production of cultural content is vital in the process of appropriation of new technologies, in the generation of value on any element with national content. We greatly value the process that we have been generating with our technical teams and rectories, and we invite our colleagues in the cultural and creative sector to position themselves together with the other sectors, to get closer and closer to technology”.

Durán added that “virtuality has made us move forward and join the innovation and technology ecosystem; it is an opportunity for the cultural and creative sector to get closer to the entire entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem, in which the MICITT has a very important leadership and steering role”.

Finally, the Minister of Culture and Youth indicated that it is important to “take advantage of and value what is unique to each region, to understand and recover traditions, with greater importance in this year of celebrating 200 years of independence”.

Paola Vega, Minister of Science and Technology, said that “this call corresponds to a joint action between the MICITT and the MCJ, to promote cultural and creative entrepreneurship, of course, in terms of the MICITT’s perspective, on the issue of innovation and the application of technology. In the orange economy sector we see a great potential for application, especially of digital technologies and innovation”.

Entrepreneurs wishing to make use of the PROPYME Funds must be registered with the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC) as entrepreneurs.

For full details and requirements see:

Any questions regarding the terms of the call for proposals can be sent to the following e-mail address: or call: 2539-2214 and 2539-2309.

For more details, we invite you to watch the PROPYME Fund’s Facebook Live:

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