Message from the CCSS, the country’s medical bodies and Paradise Products Costa Rica. In front of the Covid-19 “Stay at Home”

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A society is required that supports our warriors, the health personnel who will defend us in this war ,? said the medical manager. The authorities of the Ministry of Health (MS) and the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) say it, as well as national and international experts and people from other countries who have already undergone the experience, the new coronavirus is contained with social distancing and it is killed with soap and water.

This is the forceful message that must be passed on to the population, not so that people feel fear but rather that they comply with the recommendations of the health authorities to stay home. At this moment the country faces an important stage of circulation of the new coronavirus in which we can act so that the contagion is less fast and thus avoid the contagion of many people in a short time, which would be inconvenient for our health services, which would be pressured by a high demand for care in a short period and would threaten their response capacity.

As Dr. Marcela Hernández, pediatrician and infectologist at the National Children’s Hospital, says, “it is better to get sick all a little bit than not all at once.” This virus is known to be quite contagious, even more so than the flu for which our body has some immunity. “Against this new virus, our body is devoid of weapons to defend ourselves,” said the specialist. “At some point people will get sick with COVID-19, regardless of age,” said the specialist, however, at this time efforts are focused on containing the speed of contagion, so the Ministry of Health has issued guidelines to restrict the mass circulation of people and thus mitigate the risk of virus transmission.

To better understand the contagion capacity of this virus, Galena explained that each sick person can transmit at least two other people and these two people in turn will affect another similar number, so the figure multiplies very quickly each time there is a new sick man.

According to Wuhan reports, in China every 7.5 days the number of cases doubled. Dr. Román Macaya, Executive President of the CCSS, has been vehement in saying that the efforts of the health system are insufficient if the population does not comply with the social distancing measure. Dr. Macaya explained the need for this social barrier so that the peak of the disease is flattened and the health services can provide care to those who need it most.

In this same line of message, Dr. Mario Ruiz Cubillo, medical manager reaffirmed that “we will win this war against this virus: maintaining social distance, supporting our health personnel across the country, washing our hands with soap and water and all of us on our side as a society, this is a country matter. ”

And he emphasized, “a society is required that supports our warriors, the health personnel who will defend us in this war.” “The idea is to stay as long as possible at home and go out when it is strictly necessary”, whether it is to work, make essential purchases or make urgent personal arrangements. This means that “you should not attend massive events or social activities, whether they are family or friends or other,” said Ruiz. Dr. Hernández explained that people should stay at a distance of at least 1.8 meters from people with symptoms and listed other reasons why people should act with individual and social responsibility, and not see this measure only as an order.

“The more exposed we are to crowds or social activities, the more risk of coming into contact with someone with COVID-9 and getting it,” explained the infectologist. He commented that a person may have mild symptoms, think that it is a cold, not knowing if they have COVID-19 and transmit viruses to close people.

He stated that “in case of being with any symptom of a cold, you should stay home.” In the same way, he indicated, it is a way of being in solidarity and protecting the most vulnerable. This measure helps protect those who are most at risk of becoming seriously ill, such as: the elderly, immunosuppressed, hypertensive, cardiac, and pulmonary patients.

Similarly, pregnant women and minors must be protected.

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