Message from President Alvarado, upset with UCCAEP and the failure of the proposed dialogue.

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Institutionality and democracy are the way. The solidity of Costa Rica’s democracy should not be put at risk.

The solutions for Costa Rica must be the institutional ones, those of democracy. For this reason, the presidents of the Legislative Assembly and the Executive have called for a national dialogue to solve the imminent fiscal and economic problems.

For this it is dialogue and actions within the framework of democracy.

It is disrespectful to the Public Force, and to the more than 120 injured police officers, and to democracy itself to say that it was a spurious firm that lifted the blockades, when the reality is that it was an action taken by our authorities, through dialogue in some cases and in others by police action. And there is vast public evidence of that.

There are very minority, but dangerous voices that are calling for instability. They will never prevail in Costa Rica. The serious thing today is that a business organization legitimized that actor. In doing so he turned his back on democracy.

What has happened is a stain on Costa Rica’s democracy. And that we must remedy, in the midst of a health and now economic crisis.

I call on all citizens, the presidents of the Powers of the Republic, the former Presidents of the Republic, the democratic political parties, the democratic actors, the union and cooperative sectors, the churches, the solidarists , women, youth, farmers, businessmen who support democracy, to close ranks with the democratic system, with the institutions and with Costa Rica.

The regional dialogues will continue as we promised and the convocation of the Presidents of the Legislature and the Executive continues. We will adapt the conformation with the sectors. We will dialogue with all legitimate actors and those who support the democratic path.

We will do it multisectorally, also listening to initiatives such as those of the Banco Popular Workers Assembly and the territorial initiatives underway by the Government and which begin tomorrow.

Thus, we will move the country away from the economic abyss that COVID-19 brought us closer to.

But I have been clear: in the short term we will have to have a proposal on public finances to avoid a serious economic and social crisis.

We will move forward, but let us distinguish those who defend peace and democracy, and those who do not.

Thanks again for the prayers for us, but mainly for Costa Rica.

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