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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Paradise Products Costa Rica | Paradise Products Costa Rica

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Paradise Products Costa Rica

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Well this has definitely been a extremely interesting year. Loaded with curious situations, joy, and many other moments. Some of which we hope never to relieve again. Either way it has been a real please to serve our clients, producers and readers.

we have definitely grow a lot during this years. What started has a idea to help a couple of families in Guanacaste. Has evolved into a solid company. Full of ambition, hope, and expectations. But always focusing on fair trade. Today getting near the end of 2018 we want to take an opportunity to meditate about this year.  That has give to us many friends, clients, and experiences. And also to see to the incoming 2019. And what it might bring to all of us.

Nobody said it would be easy.

To start a company is definitely a unique adventure.  Perhaps not suitable for everyone. But for those venturous souls as ours. It definitely is an experience we would never exchange for anything. When we began this idea. We had a mental draft of what we wanted to accomplish. But the winds and the road took us to different directions. Clearing our ideas of what we needed and what we ought to have. In this regards 2018 was certainly and rough master. But we too stubborn of a students to let us intimidate by it.

This year we were forced to face the problems of hiring a terrible web developer.  And more recently having to deal with a Bank that is simply decades behind proper online practices. Incapable of understanding well known principles of e-commerce.

But we have managed to use this adversities on our favor. Looking for better alternatives. Without such an awful web developer we would never forced ourselves to solve the problem so fast and so efficiently. Ergo having develop this our actual website. And without the bank incompetency our plan to start our business in Europe could had been delayed for years.  We are moving foward. Fast, strong and very decided.

A New Website.

This year allow us to present our new website. Better, faster, stronger. Much nicer and much more “Pura Vida” We were trying really hard since pretty much 2017 to develop a new skin for our company. During those months we definitely put our trust of the wrong person. Meaning important losses for us in both money and time. And ending in the collapse of our site half way of 2018. But as the saying goes “there is a reason for everything

, mejor, más rápido, más bonito mucho más Pura Vida. Llevábamos desde mediados de 2017 en proceso de conseguir una nueva apariencia para nuestra página. Definitivamente en ese momento confiamos en la persona equivocada para el trabajo y eso nos costo dinero y mucho tiempo. Culminando con un el colapso de nuestra página a mediados de 2018. Pero como dice el dicho “No hay mal que por bien no venga”  Y esta situación adversa sirvió para llenarnos de una determinación sin rival.

Hoy en Paradise Products Costa Rica tenemos un servidor único y dedicado exclusivamente para nuestra página, con seguridad de estar en linea en todo momento y con copias de seguridad automáticas que garantizan la seguridad de nuestro contenido y productos. Además de una hermosa y fresca nueva imagen con capacidad de multilenguaje y multimoneda. Nuestra plataforma es más solida y segura que nunca y nos permite trabajar con seguridad y estabilidad que antes hubiera sido difícil de conseguir.

New products, new clients, new allies and new friends.

Altough we were offline for almost 3 months (that felt like 3 eternities) we somehow managed to grow. Paradise Products Costa Rica now has more than 200 products in our catalog, a range of clients from places as. France, Belgium, Norway, Dutchland, United States, Canada, Liechtenstein, Japan, Ukraine, Slovenia among others.

To all our clients in the more than 27 countries our products have reach. We want to sincerely thank you. Without you this idea could not have been as it is today. For you and for our producers is that this company exists. It is an honor and a pleasure to do what we do. And we hope to do it forever. Continuing bringing the best of Costa Rica to each and every corner of the world.

We would also like to thank DHL to trust in us. And offering a partnership to us. It has been an honor. And we hope to continue working together. In this regards we would also like to give a huge shout out to the CCI France-Costa Rica. They have help us a great deal. Trusting us for 2 years now.

Also a we take the opportunity to thank Julie Bertho this year french intern. That helped us a great deal. And we want to remember the brave Nihed Guecioueur that came at the very end of 2017 and until January of 2018. Your help has been vital in our company and we will be forever grateful.

What does the 2019 will bring?

Paradise Costa Rica Living Guide 2019

Next year will have new products and new destinantions. A living guide to Costa Rica. With the best restaurants, hotels, hostals, and destinantions. To enjoy and experiencing the Pura Vida.

Paradise Products Costa Rica in Europe.

2019 will be the year we plan to accomplish our most ambitious goal so far. To open distribution center in Europe. Our mission has always been to make the best products of Costa Rica available to everyone. No matter where they might find themselves. Although the world has never been more connected. The distances and deliveries still work against us. We recognize our shipping fees could be high and we focus on solve this problem by creating our own distribution center in Europe. More news will be share as this project develops.

Costa Rica International Blues Festival 2019

This 2019 after several years of collaboration. Paradise Products Costa Rica will be the official sponsor of the International Costa Rica Blues Festival 2019. Follow us to read and learn more about it here Costa Rica Blues Festival

Our services on the market..

During 2019 Paradise Products Costa Rica will start offering services. Such as videos, publicity, graphic design, photography, and channel managers among others. If you wish to learn more and contact us for any of those services please write to us at. sales@paradiseproductscr.com and feel free to read more here. Paradise Products Costa Rica Servicios [Spanish only]

For the time been Paradise Products Costa Rica will stop sending orders and uploading its main website from the 25th of December 2018 and until the 3rd of January 2019.

All our services will continue working and any orders purchase during this period will be shipped starting the 4th of January.

Kind Regards

The Paradise Products Costa Rica team

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