[:en]Melcochas cr is with Us. An unique taste for you to taste.[:]

[:en]This a story, a tradition, a legend of taste a flavor from those years were sepia and black and white were the colours that saved the memories. Long ago Costa Rica had brand that was the delight every kid, the thing to ask for after every trip to the “pulperia.” That brand was Melcochas La Estrella.

What is a Melcocha you may ask… It is a traditional a molasses toffee made with the molasses produce of the sugar cane, also know as Panela or in the purest tico way the Tapa de Dulce. If you ever visit a Trapiche we encourage you to ask for a Sobado and a Melcocha. In the meanwhile lets return to the story…

Melcochas La Estrella was a big manufacturer, the original recipe is remember as a legend, long lost and forgotten after years of miss management and the brand jumping from one owner to another.  Or that was the though until recently. When 2 women  of the original 200 hundreds in charge of the original production, were contacted and show that the secret recipe was not that lost after all.


Now the original recipe is with us… Well I’m not old enough to prove that…  But I give some toffees to people with enough years experience to approve or disprove such an amazing claim. Almost with tears in their eyes they told me the claim was true.

So now proudly we offer you the experience to taste that original recipe. Now under the Brand   Melcochas CR.


This are perfect gift for get about the chocolates give a box or boxes this toffees as a gift. Ideal for small gifts of big events.




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