[:en]The Meaning of Pura Vida. Part 2[:]

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[:en]Last time we explored a little of the history of the saying “Pura Vida”. And how a mexican movie seams the most likely origin for the term. But now it would be useful to decode it meanings. And yes meanings in plural because there are many.


Aloha and Pura Vida.

The Pura Vida is very similar to Hawaii’s Aloha. But words has extended the frontiers of their countries or states. And have become ambassadors of their respective cultures and places. This word have become so powerful that upon hearing them. They can bring images of people, places, colours and more. Hawaii’s Aloha is a greeting and a goodbye. It now represents a warm welcome and the best wishes after a goodbye. In that sense Costa Rica’s Pura Vida works in exactly the same way. However this is just the tip of the iceberg of the possible meanings of the Pura Vida.

It is important to note that to better understand the meanings and implications of the Pura Vida and some other sayings and Diay, Idiay and or Tuanis. The tones, acentuations, stressees and context most be necessarily, So if you meet a tico ask him or her to give you a crash course of Tonal languages idiomatics.

Now we will proceed to enumerate some uses of Pura Vida.

  1. Hello and goodbye. 

As said above upon meeting someone or saying goodbye “Pura Vida” is always a wise choice in Costa Rica. It could be use as an extra greeting after the usual Hello for Example.


¡Hola, Pura Vida cómo va todo!
[Hello,How is everything going?]


Bueno, nos vemos. ¡Pura Vida!
[Ok see you later.]

Now here is when it gets complicated.

2. In Response to a greeting or goodbye.

Often responding to the Pura Vida greeting and goodbye is recongnicesable as been in agreed with the greeting as to receiving it and giving it back. Same for when it is use as a goodbye.  For example.


-¡Hola, Pura Vida. ¿Cómo va todo?
-¡Pura Vida!
-[Hello, How is everything going?]
-[Hey Hello!] 


-Bueno, nos vemos. ¡Pura Vida!
-Pura Vida

-[Ok see you later!]
-[See you later!]

3. As a Thank you.

Pura Vida and Gracias are 100% interchangable. If you want to thanks someone a Pura Vida will always sound perfectly good.

4. A bit of contempt.

So if you find yourself in a situation when a sarcastic “thank you” seams appropriate Pura Vida will do the work. Here once again a tonal usage of the word would be necessarily the inflections needed to do it will certainly be difficult. But bear in mind that if you receive one of these “Pura Vida” probably after a negative you are not been thanks. You are been sarcastically regard. For example.

-Necesito ayuda con las bolsas de supermercado ¿ me pudes ayudar?
-La verdad no, me estaba alistando para salir.
-Oh, ok Pura Vida!

-[Need some help with the supermarket bags. Could you help me?]
-[Well not really I have to finish some business cause I am going out.]
-[Oh ok so kind of you!]

5. When something sounds good or is good.

If someone offers you a “Pura Vida deal” or a Kitchen that is “Pura Vida.” They are meaning that the deal or the object is working properly, are good, and at a good price. In the words. It is the best of the best you could fine.  For example.

Este carro me llevó de San José a Guanacaste con solo medio tanque. Es un carro Pura Vida.
[This car is from carried me from San Jose to Guanacaste with half a tank of gas. It is amazing.]





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