[:en]Every country has its own character. The so call idiosyncrasy, something that makes you so famous that becomes one with what people expects of you or in this case what people expects of the country. This kind of one on one relations are present in food, music, dances, tradition and words. [Magic Words]

For example the word Mariachi should connect you with Mexico. Tango would transport you to Argentina, and Blues takes you to the plantations of the south of the US. While words as Crepes you make you think about France, Paella of Spain and Sushi about Japan.

Milonga in San José Costa Rica

This analogies interlace the real experience with the place of origin of the experience. Now a days you don’t necessarily need to travel to Argentina to learn Tango. Nor need to hire a Mexican Mariachi all the way from Mexico for your birthday party. And regarding Blues you can even come to Costa Rica and visit the International Blues Festival of Costa Rica.

However something is true nevertheless if you find yourself in Japan you can not leave the country without eating sushi in Japan. And even if you are brave enough to make a Paella it would never be fully original unless you eat one in Spain. And I presume that eating a Crepe in France must add a certain “je ne sais quoi” that makes it better.

The origin of Pura Vida.

Those two words together are the most recognizable trace that Costa Rica has. The origin is debatable. Some people say that it came with some Mexican movies. More exactly one in 1956 of the Mexican artist Clavillazo and just stuck with the viewers. The name of the movie “Pura Vida”. But we are not here to argue if that is true or not. We are here to face the monumental endeavour of trying to define “Pura Vida.”

Literal Translation.

Pure Life

Pura means Pure. Vida means Life. There for Pure Life is a very accurate translation. However this literal translation sometimes do not help to illustrate the meaning. And translating the meaning is something of a challenge. But lets give it a try.

General Context.

If you are Pura Vida, feeling Pura Vida and or everything is going Pura Vida that means your current situation is very very positive. You are most likely to been experiencing constant feeling of happiness, joy and tranquillity. That is to say life is yours to enjoy.

Thousands of Costa Ricas during 2 of Auguts. Cartago Costa Rica

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