Masks will be mandatory in common areas from Saturday

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The Minister of Health, Daniel Salas announced today at a press conference that, in parallel with the new opening phase that tentatively would be rescheduled for this weekend, the use of face masks is compulsory for certain services or shops.

The legal instruction will be published this week to take effect on Saturday. In this line, from June 27 the use of a mask or mask is instructed as follows:

For all people who serve the public. In the case of a restaurant, it must be a mask due to the elevated position of the person taking the order.

For the general public when using: paid transportation of people, cinemas, theaters, churches, banks and restaurants while they are not consuming.

The masks can be surgical or fabric and the masks must have general facial coverage, since it is important that it adequately covers the mouth and nose. All the instructions on the proper use of the masks and the details of how to make them at home are available on the Ministry’s website: / communication-material / ms-protocols / coronavirus / masks

The hierarchy of health emphasized that the measure is necessary due to greater opening of services and shops, as well as the presence of the virus in highly populated centers, however, he stressed that the use of this personal protective equipment is not a substitute, at any time, the distance and hygiene measures that have been reported.

“The pandemic requires adjusting to new measures, new forms, new implements. The mask has not been part of our lives before, but it is important today to adapt to its correct use: not to be manipulating it, ensuring coverage of the nose and mouth, and for nothing in the world to allow it to give us a false sense of security, distancing itself. and hand washing are still golden rules, ”said Salas.

The hierarch indicated that the details of the third phase of reopens will be announced this week, with the details of the services that may open, taking into account the epidemiological analysis.

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