Marine Farms will be useful for coastal economic re-activation.

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For the first time since its creation in 2002, the Marine Biotechnology and Aquaculture Laboratory of the Pacific Marine Park in Puntarenas, is being remodeled, in order to guarantee the existence of seeds for aquaculture farms for the next 20 years.

Currently, an ambitious aquaculture program is being developed here to expand the offer of cultivated seafood, with added value and which is an alternative to traditional fishing. This is a worldwide trend but it has not been exploited in the country.

According to the “State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture” report of the year 2018 of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Program (FAO), “World fish production reached a maximum of approximately 178.5 million tons, of which aquaculture represented 47% of the total. ”In the case of Costa Rica, marine aquaculture represents only 2% of the national total.

To promote aquaculture in the country, it is necessary to have the infrastructure and equipment for research and seed production. For this reason, the Rural Development Institute (Inder) has become one of the key allies in promoting initiatives that produce development and well-being for families in coastal areas and thus fight against poverty levels.

A few weeks ago, Inder transferred ₡ 47.3 million to the Pacific Marine Park, in order to support the remodeling process of the Aquaculture laboratory facilities for the production of juvenile marine fish required for the development of marine farms of cultivation on the Pacific coast.

“Costa Rica has 1,236 linear kilometers of coastline, but in aquaculture projects, only about 0.12% of that area is being used. That is why we are sure that it is an income-generating niche that can be successful as long as production is linked to value-added initiatives that generate economic resources for families on the coast, the islands and the Gulf of Nicoya. maintaining a sustainable vision with the environment of our country ”, explained the director of the Marine Park of Puntarenas, Natalia Corrales during the visit made by the executive president of Inder, Harys Regidor.

To guarantee the success of the initiative carried out by the Marine Park, they develop a production value-added project. Together with the Paquera Aquaculture Association, floating restaurants will be located on Isla Cedros in the Gulf of Nicoya, where tourists can fish their own snappers and then eat them at the restaurant. In this way, new opportunities and jobs are created.

“Investments in the Marine Park of Puntarenas, as well as the construction and start-up of the mollusk treatment plant in Chomes that came into operation this Friday, deliveries of outboard motors for fishermen on Isla Venado, in Guanacaste and others in the South Pacific. All of this gives Costa Ricans a clear idea of ​​Inder’s vision regarding the importance of fishing activities and the determined support that we seek so that hundreds of families living in coastal areas can improve their quality of life, ”said Regidor Barboza.

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