“The infinite thread. Women who count ”| Calderón Guardia Museum

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The literary creation arrived at the Calderón Guardia Museum (MCG) with the exhibition proposal “La hebra infinita. Women who count ”, which brings together plastic installations and texts that show the contributions of 35 women who are part of processes immersed in Magic Writing Workshops.

“The Infinite Strand. Women who count ”aims to broaden the experience of reading through an imaginative journey. They are not just words, but an imaginary journey through the heart of the texts, explained Aurelia Dobles, coordinator of the exhibition.

“The feminine literature is a universal trend in expansion, and‘ The Infinite Thread. Women who count ‘, proposes a sensory journey through a collective imaginary book. Through various stations in the MCG campuses, reference is made to the main themes and concerns from which the stories, novels, poems of 35 writers from the Magic Writing Workshops are born: fortitude, courage to talk about violence, loss, illness, loneliness, old age, death and also love, motherhood and the beauty of living; the roots of creativity in childhood; the collective fabric of sisterhood, mutual support between creators; the graffiti of the handwritten handwritten; the whispers of ancestral memory; the fantastic characters that challenge us; the 35 notebooks that open and fly through space, and the magic of taking a story instead of a ticket as a value of life ”, added Dobles.

With the exhibition “La Hebra Infinita. Women who count ”visitors will be able to enjoy a playful and entertaining experience that allows them to identify and recreate their own worlds.

The exhibition will be available until March 27, Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. at 5 p.m., at the Calderón Guardia Museum, located in Barrio Escalante. Free admission.

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