Le Costa Rica se prépare à acheter 14 congélateurs à très basse température pour les vaccins.

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Cet après-midi, le CNE a finalisé le prix pour l’achat de 14 congélateurs ultra-basse température. Il se compose de 13 congélateurs ultra-basse température d’une capacité de 550 litres et d’un autre congélateur d’une capacité de 750 litres. La société lauréate était Importaciones y Exportaciones JK Altívar S.R.L

In total, the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention (CNE) manages six contracts related to vaccines through the Integrated Public Procurement System (SICOP), with the support of the CCSS in its capacity as Executing Unit and the Ministry of Health in its supervisory role with the National Commission of Vaccination and Epidemiology.

Other inputs that are in active processes are cotton swabs, hypodermic needles, black bags for ordinary waste and red bags for biomedical waste, the design and construction of a cold room in the Storage and Distribution (ALDI) of the Costa Rican Insurance Fund. Social (CCSS). Additionally, the process for the purchase of 6,000,000 surgical syringes has already been awarded and the purchase of 50,000 masks is in the process of preparing posters.

The total investment plan is $ 70,773,708, which includes vaccines, of which $ 857,995.98 are for complementary supplies and the rest for the purchase of vaccines, under the exception regime, via the National Emergency Fund.

This important advance occurs within the framework of the inter-institutional work to acquire the necessary supplies for the storage and application of the COVID-19 vaccine when they arrive in the country.

The Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines require a freezing state of -70 °, which is due to the type and characteristics of this vaccine. Currently this cold technology is not available in the CCSS, private hospitals, not even at an industrial level throughout the country. In the case of COVAX vaccines, the maintenance temperature will be less than -20 °.

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