Costa Rica in the 7th place of Freedom of the Press worldwide.

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With a score of 10.53, Costa Rica achieved seventh place worldwide and second at the level of the American continent in freedom of the press according to. Reporters without borders. The Freedom of the Press index is released each year by this institution and reflects the capacities and freedoms that the press and the media have to report actions, news and events, especially those that may contain information that is negative or contrary to the interests of the press. governments of the day.

In 2020 Costa Rica reaches the seventh place worldwide, just below the Nordic countries the countries that overtake Costa Rica are.

  1. Norway
  2. Finland
  3. Denmark
  4. Sweden
  5. Holland
  6. Jamaica

The rest of Central American countries occupy the following positions.

  • Germany Position number 11
  • Belgium Position number 12
  • Spain Position number 29
  • France Position number 34
  • United States Position number 45

Les autres pays d’Amérique centrale occupent les postes suivants, les autres pays d’Amérique centrale occupent les postes suivants.

  • Guatemala Position number 116
  • Honduras Position number 148
  • El Salvador Position number 74
  • Nicaragua Position number 117.

The People’s Republic of China is the worst rated economic power in this index for its conscientious practices of manipulation, control and monopoly of the media, as well as kidnappings and incarceration of dissenters. Barely achieving 3 positions below the country with less freedom of the press. The Chinese position is 177 out of 180, a position occupied by North Korea.

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