Large iron sculptures fill La Plaza de la Democracia with color

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The Plaza de la Democracia hosts since this week the exhibition “Diálogo”, a collection of great iron works, prepared by the Costa Rican artist Ingrid Rudelman, which precisely seeks to generate a harmonious dialogue between citizens, works of art and public space.

“This is an exhibition designed for people, for the public to interact; I want it to be inclusive, to touch it, feel it, enjoy it in its forms, textures and to reflect; it’s for them, that’s why they are in an open space where many people travel every day, ”said artist Ingrid Rudelman.

Rudelman composed this collection with 18 abstract sculptures, assembled in iron; some reach a height of 8 meters and a weight of 1500 kilos. They are painted in colorful colors; It is rich in content, three-dimensional geometric shapes, and they intend to express the artist’s ideals of a peaceful, inclusive, just and prosperous society.

The works will be available from February 12 to June 22, 2020, in the Plaza de la Democracia and the gardens of the National Museum of Costa Rica.

"Malabares", piezas de la colección "Diálogo", Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

“Elaborating these giants involved a process of approximately one year, in which the artist was faced with a learning process, from conception, sketches, through models, mathematical calculations, cuts and the struggle with the hard metal, ”reported the MNCR.

According to María Enriqueta Guardia, curator of the exhibition, “the work to carry out this type of sculpture is hard and requires a technical team that, after conceiving the works, calculates, designs, makes cuts, assembles, welds, polishes and paints . The calculation exercises of support bases that give stability and security to the pieces are not less laborious”.

With this exhibition the MNCR, “invites the city to share the dance in ways proposed by the artist, as a feast of the senses. If the passer-by visits the pre-Columbian room, he will make another visual tour in the way that the ancestors engraved with rigor and creativity in ceramics and stone, ”said the director of the National Museum, Rocío Fernández.

The exhibition “Diálogo” is an effort of the National Museum of Costa Rica, with support from the Municipality of San José. Precisely, the mayor of San José, Johnny Araya, said that “this event reinforces the character of the city as a place of coexistence and enjoyment for all citizens.”

About Ingrid Rudelman. From a young age, the guiding thread of Rudelman’s life was art; first as a furniture designer, then her restlessness for something else, made her experiment with sculpture. “I started as self-taught, but I think it is essential to know the materials you work with, to have technical knowledge and experience, that is when I made the decision to go to the cradle of Renaissance sculptural art: Carrara, Italy. There I could find the job that would be essential to me as an artist, ”Rudelman said.

Exposición "Diálogo", Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

To conceive the exhibition “Dialogue”, the artist needed to make adjustments in her experience, she used the knowledge in the practice and study of foundry that she took in Mexico and studied geometry-mathematics.

National awards: • Max Ulloa Excellence Award • Anesco Annual Sculptors Salon 2018 • Young talent award Donald Jiménez • Annual Anesco Sculptors Salon 2019

Experience: • 15 years in furniture design and commercialization • Plastic artist on installation and interior decoration issues • Self-taught in sculpture, with 5 years of experience with fiberglass, cardboard, clay, stereo, marble and metal.

Participations in: • Exhibition Municipal School of Arts of Santa Ana, Costa Rica, 2017. • Collective exhibition, Art Festival in May 2019 Rozas-Botrán, Guatemala 2019. • National Exhibition of collective sculpture Fadrique Gutiérrez. Heredia, Costa Rica, 2018. • Individual exhibition of marble sculpture- Jade Museum, Costa Rica – 2019

Source: Ministry of Culture and Youth, 2020

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