La transmission communautaire pour la grande région métropolitaine est supposée

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The Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, reported today that, as a precautionary measure, community transmission is declared in the Greater Metropolitan Area. The declaration arises based on the material impossibility of giving full follow-up to the cases that are being registered in the GAM.

In this line, the hierarch specified that, in the last epidemiological week, which began on Sunday and until today, there are 65% of positive cases pending investigation, so, following guidelines from the World Organization of the Health community transmission is determined in the GAM, given the large number of cases that have not been able to link their transmission chains.

“The call to the population is permanent but now more urgently, the precautionary declaration of community transmission must serve so that the citizens who inhabit the GAM understand that the risk of contagion is more present today than ever,” said the minister.

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