The terrible death of patients with Covid19. Intensive care delirium.

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In case we still need to add another reason to motivate the prevention of Covid 19, we consider it relevant to share information about a fairly common occurrence in intensive care beds.

Knowing yourself in an intensive care bed is already a justifiably traumatic experience if you live consciously. However, the artificial respiration or assisted methods that thousands of people have undergone throughout the planet are too invasive, uncomfortable and painful to be performed in conscious patients.

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Therefore, before being intubated, patients are subjected to induced comas, this process causes patients to lose the ability to react to external stimuli, but does not eliminate the ability of the brain to process and try to interpret these stimuli. Given the brain’s inability to take control of invasive actions and movement restrictions, it is common for the stimuli to be interpreted as terrifying hallucinations as the brain desperately tries to generate a fight or flight reaction to the stimuli experienced.

These hallucinations are not limited to just staying in intensive care beds, but commonly persist for several days, even months or years after patients leave the hospital. Similar to post-traumatic stress, intensive care delirium can lead to night terrors, nightmares, insecurity, inability to sleep or fall asleep, and personality disorders. Psychological accompaniment is recommended for those who suffer them.

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According to the Center for Critical Diseases, poor brain function and survival. Intensive care delusions are common in up to 80% of intensive care patients. Those who report prolonged sensations of falling or experiencing vivid infernal images where the brain seems to interpret the breathing tubes as snakes and the medical personnel as demons or torturers, in an effort to justify the restriction of movements and discomforts to which the body is subjected. .

The high incidence of these experiences (up to 80% of patients) connected to respirators validates the assumption that up to 80% of all those who died in intensive care beds spent weeks, hallucinating the most horrid images and sensations before of dying and dying they never understood the reason for these terrifying feelings.

In this regard, Covid19 has not only cost trillions of dollars in economic losses, restriction of movement and civil liberties, but also the psychological agony and torture of hundreds of thousands of people, and many of whom must have experienced weeks of agony and mental torture in hands of delusions in intensive care.

Our goal with this entry is to add one more reason to avoid the spread of the virus at all costs and above all save thousands of innocents the physical and perhaps mental torture of submitting to an induced coma and exposing them to hellish visions without being able to guarantee a recovery.

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