[:en]La Pasada de la Negrita.[:]

[:en]Every 2nd of August, Costa Rica celebrates the day our Saint Patron La Virgen de los Ángeles a.k.a La Negrita. If you miss that entry you can find it here https://www.paradiseproductscr.com/2016/08/02/2-of-august-nuestra-senora-de-los-angeles/

What we didn’t told you was what happens the 3rd of August. When the Romería is officially over. Every 3rd of August early in the mooring La Negrita is taken from the Basílica de Los Angeles (the church where she is most of the time) and move to the Carmen’s Cathedral in Cartago about 5 Kilometers from the Basilica. Where she will be for a whole month. During the first pass or La Pasada. The farmers and agriculturist from Cartago load their trucks with the fruits of their labor and go to escort the virgin Mary during her trip to Carmen’s Cathedral. After the Pasada the products are sold a very low prices and most of the earnings are given to the Cathedral to distribute to the rest of the churches under its jurisdiction. And that pretty much each for the rest of the month. But La Negrita has to come back from the Cathedral to the Basilica. And that is the second Pasada (the bigger one)


The first Sunday of the month of September La Negrita travels back to the Basilica. In what has now become a two days celebration. The celebration now incorporates activities such as concerts, a free Zumba lessons, dances and theater and a fair for entrepreneurs and small business to show their products in La Plaza Mayor de Cartago. But what has remain a tradition. And still is one of the main attractions to La Pasadas are the rugs made of flowers and wood dust. That extend for blocks and blocks all the way to the Basilica for more than 5 Kilometers.


The people who made the rugs are people who live in the other parishes of Cartago. Every year the designs are different, and there is a silent comepetition between the people to see which parish made the most outstanding rug. If you ever find yourself the first Sunday of September in Costa Rica not knowing what to do with your day. Go to Cartago and enjoy La Pasada de la Negrita and remember to bring you camera with you.











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