La Fortuna’s Marching Band to participate in the Sound Sport in Indinapolís.

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With percussive and wind instruments and folkloric dances. 110 Children of La Fortuna, San Carlos. Will adventure this 7th of August to the United States. To represent Costa Rica in the International Sound Sport, of the Drum Corps International. From the 8th to the 12th of August in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The hard work and charisma of this band. Granted it access to this prestigious context. Where more than 20 bands and acts will be shown. The band will be competing under the “Marching Band” category. And also in the DrumLine Battle. Facing some of the best in the world.

For Eric Quesada, director of the band. “To participate in this event is the result of years of effort and dedication. Transmitting to this kids the passion for the music and the discipline necessary to get to this world class competitions. Plus this will mean an opportunity to keep growing and developing. Leaving the name of Costa Rica in high standards.

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The first international for the band was the Drum Corps International at the Latin American Level. That took place in Guatemala in 2017. When the band took the first place. This year a new challenge is impulsing the dreams and motivations of the kids.

The participation of the band in this event was declared of “Cultural Interest” by the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud. Because of the representation of the Culture of Costa Rica and the exposition of young kids and children as musicians in a international event.

This Sunday 28th of July 19 bands will help to say goodbye to the Banda de la Fortuna at el Redondel de la Fortuna. The entrance has a cost of 1000 colones and will start at 3:00pm

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About the Drum Corps International.

Drum Corps International (DCI) is the biggest Band related event in the world. Sound Sport is an event of the DCI. A Festival for music. Where groups of any age, size and instrumentation can compete in a world class event.

The presentations will take place in the Pan Am Plaza. With lighting equipment, projections and 900 seats to show an intimate vision of the acts. Filling the air and the environment with energy and turning Indiana in a Festival of the arts.

There Costa Rica will have an space to shown the culture, music and identity of our people in the hands of the Banda Comunal de La Fortuna de San Carlos.

If you would like to help the Banda Comunal de La Fortuna. And be part of this dream you could collaborate at the following accounts.

Asociación Banda Comunal La Fortuna

Cédula 3-002-659778

Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

Colones 200-01-057-020189-1

CC 151057200102011899

Dólares200-02-170-000304-5CC 15117020020003042

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