La Cueva de los Pardos, Culture, history and entertainment for August.

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Cartago is a province rich in sociocultural heritage; Starting from the first fruits of republican life, it was reformed from a metropolis to a “middle city”, a point of constant evolution and change depending on the development achieved by the metropolitan center.

For this reason and in the effort to rescue the identity of the province of Cartago, the Puebla de los Pardos Cultural Association and the Department of Culture (DC) of the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ) through its Center of the Carthaginian Culture, invite the public to be part of the celebration of activities in the 6th Puebla de los Pardos Cultural Day 2020, which will be held virtually on Facebook @, starting Monday, 3 August 2020.

As reported by the Culture Directorate, this celebration concentrates activities focused on a joint cultural management, aimed at the rescue and commemoration of the historical heritage memory of the Afro-colonial culture of the province of Cartago, from its colonial origin and its germinal materialization in the collective identity of the Costa Rican in Puebla de los Ángeles, better known as Puebla de los Pardos.

Programming includes virtual activities for the enjoyment of the family from the comfort of your home, with art exhibitions, gatherings, Afro-Latin fusion music, Calypso, Roots, Reggae, Ska, funk, ethno-experimental fusion and other forms in musical culture. Costa Rican.

“The visibility and recognition of Puebla de los Pardos, in Cartago, as the original gestation site of our Afro-colonial cultural heritage, is of great importance in rescuing the identity and culture of the province,” explained Carlos Solís, manager of Cultural Promotion of the DC-MCJ in Cartago.

This is a joint effort of the Puebla de Pardos association, the MCJ Culture Directorate, in its Carthaginian Culture Center, the different cultural organizations and institutions and the Municipality of Cartago.

Precisely, Decree No. 41626-MEP-MCJ of May 17, 2019, creates the day of Puebla de los Pardos, declaring August 3 of each year as the Puebla de los Pardos day for its celebration.

On August 14, 2019, the Municipal Council of the city of Cartago declared the Puebla de los Pardos Day celebrations in the City of Cartago of cultural and educational interest.

For more information you can contact Carlos Solís 7209-2551 and email


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