La Casa del Cacao says Goodbye!

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The Casa del Cacao of Costa Rica says Goodbye! As of November, it will no longer be in Cuesta de Moras. The pandemic and the economic situation in Costa Rica prevent us from continuing to serve and share with those who have been our clients for almost 6 years.

Serving them and sharing with all our clients has been one of the privileges of our lives. We are satisfied to know that we have managed to create a unique, successful and prosperous business that put and puts the name of Costa Rica, its cuisine, cocoa and chocolates at the top.

Having quickly become a gastronomy benchmark for the city of San José and for Costa Rica, in the world. We’re leaving but we don’t pack our good memories, awards for excellence, and the memories of serving more clients than we can count and having more friends than we could ever imagine. Those stay with us forever …

Chocolates Soleil will continue, all our chocolates and products will continue to be available at Paradise Products Costa Rica and at We have hope and the illusion of seeing each other again soon.

Perhaps in a new place, in a different time. Meanwhile and without further ado remember.

Never cruel, never cowardly, never give up and always remember the best moments.

Dr Who.

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