La Casa del Cacao featured in the tourist guide “Le Routard”

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One of the most important tourist guides for Francophones who come to visit Costa Rica, included one of our affiliated businesses of Paradise Products Costa Rica: La Casa del Cacao.

Le Routard is a tour guide who was born in 1971, due to the need of two students, Philippe and Michael, to travel the world. Currently, the book has the participation of 50 researchers who are responsible for conducting a personalized guide according to the country. Thanks to the exhaustive work of its writers, Le Routard became one of the most consulted books by Francophone tourists in the world.

Le Rourtard also has a website that became the first Francophone publishing site dedicated to travel and tourism. You can visit their website by clicking here >> AQUÍ <<

Where to eat a good breakfast? Where to do a “sweet” pause? Where to have a good coffee or a good chocolate? The 2020 version of “Le Routard” recommends on pages 92 and 93 La Casa del Cacao a restaurant, a chocolate shop and workshop where you can taste: authentic and natural chocolates, traditional dishes, delicious drinks, among others. In addition, our customers can take an enriching tour of our chocolate making process in our museum.

You can purchase the products of our affiliate La Casa del Cacao by clicking here >> AQUÍ <<

Le Routard, 2020

La Casa del Cacao … Hot, hot cocoa! In this cocoa house, you live, drink and eat chocolate! Why settle for a classic hot chocolate when you can try different traditional recipes such as “atole” (chocolate with corn), or taste a chocolate bar with fruits (banana, strawberry, coconut)?…” (Le Routard, 2020 )

For us it is a great pleasure to appear among the best gastronomic recommendations of the guide. Paradise Products Costa Rica and La Casa del Cacao are businesses that are made to satisfy our tourists and that is why we are pleased to be present at Le Routard.

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