La Casa del Cacao better and more sweet than ever. And a very special discount

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A year or so ago… We talk about a unique place. A shop that is a must visit place while in San José. A place truly imposible to forget. A already excelente idea that some how has manage to get even better.

La Casa del Cacao de Costa Rica is the only Chocolate shop, Restaurante and museum of CAcao in San José and actually in Costa Rica. This basic description makes the place to look quite impressive right? But as the TV infomercials. There is more. Acompany us in this entance as we describe one of our favorites places in San José and in the Costa Rica

A unique place and the center of the city.

Loccated in Cuesta De Moras in 11th Street and Between the Central Avenue and The Second Avenue. La Casa del Cacao has a unique museum dedicated to spread the world and educated its visitors about the world of the Cacao and Chocolate. Sharing the a line and location Museo Nacional at 300 meters, The Gold Meseum at 500mts and the Jade Meseum just 100 meters away.

En a bit less than 3 years on business. La Casa del Cacao de Costa Rica. Has become a jewel of the city of San José. Becoming more than a quick stop. But a place to enjoy, learn, discover and taste the best of the Costa Rican gastronomy. Prove of the importance that this place has managed to create. are the strategic alliances made with several tourist agencies. SJO Vive of the Municipalidad de San José and among this the always yours
Paradise Products Costa Rica. Where La Casa del Cacao figures as an associated business.

How to get there.

Restaurant, Museum, Store and Workshop

La Casa del Cacao has two floors. The first one is an impressive restaurante. Focus Costa Rican food, ready to impress the most delicate tongs. With free samples of chocolates, and a variety of shakes, ice coffees and frappes among others. The restaurante pays homage to the best of the Tico gastronomy.

A selection of outstanding dishes awaits for the visitors here a LINK to the menú. Make sure to try the Tortillas Palmeadas, las Empanadas de Platano, The Chifirijo and the Rice & Beans for sure.

After the strong dishes take a look to the desserts. Brownies, Chesscakes, Crepes and more are made at the order. So are the shakes and ice coffees. Everything at the same price for locals or tourist without discrimination. As it should be.

To keep contact with what’s new at La Casa del Cacao follow them at
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Workshop and clases.

If we have learn something after our regular visits at this unique place. Is that the world of Cacao and Chocolate is gigantic and captivating. And it is amazing to see how little the general population know about it.

Perhaps the most beloved food in the world. Still hides secrets to its more eagle consumers. La Casa del Cacao de Costa Rica offers in its second floor. A small museum dedicated to the explanation and education of the Culture of Cacao en Latin América, The World and of course Costa Rica.

The museum is free to access. But the clients can purchase tours where the visitors. Will be guided across the eras of Cacao. The history and cultures that develop religions. And myths around it. And even make their own chocolate bar. A mix between the first recipe and modern Chocolate. All way filling its senses with different smells tastings and workshop. To turn to cacao seed to a Chocolate bar by their own.

The tours can be give in english, spanish and french. With no difference in the costs. You can book your tours at Paradise Products Costa Rica or calling at +506 2221 9287.

Tour are available every day and require a minimum of 2 people to start. The duration is around 1 hour.

10% off coupon.

And since you get till here we have this coupon for our dear readers. For a 10% discount in your purchase at the restaurant of La Casa del Cacao.

To use the cupon just present this post or image upon paying.

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