“La Balada Post Futurista de los Moluscos”, won three National Culture Awards 2019

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Alejandro, an 18-year-old young man, was hospitalized three months ago for a failed suicide attempt. From his coma, and through his interaction with the other characters, he narrates many of the family situations he has lived since childhood and also, he tells the reasons that led him to make that decision.

Under that premise, “La Balada Post Futurista de los Moluscos” was developped. The play is written by author Bryan Vindas, under the direction of Gladys Alzate, who will be on stage at the Vargas Calvo Theater from February 7 to 16.

“La Balada Post Futurista de los Moluscos”, del autor Bryan Vindas, bajo la dirección de Gladys Alzate

This theatrical production won three of the recently announced National Culture Awards 2019, which were revealed by the Ministry of Culture and Youth, last Wednesday, February 5.

“La Balada Post Futurista de los Moluscos” won the Ricardo Fernández National Theater Award 2019 for Best Scenic Design. The jury considered that the creative team managed to integrate different artistic languages into a concrete aesthetic proposal, ideologically consistent with the text and the perception considered by the director. This team is formed by Norman “Tito” Fuentes, Michelle Canales, Francesco Bracci and David Rojas. Additionally, the assembly won the Best Direction 2019 award, awarded to Gladys Alzate Quintero, since the jury considered that the work translates, theatrically, a complex text, in a clear and effective way for the contemporary Costa Rican viewer, with thorough attention to aesthetic and ideological details, on a relevant and current theme for the country.

In the category of National Literature Awards Aquileo J. Echeverría 2019, “La Balada Post Futurista de los Moluscos”, by Vindas, won the Dramaturgy award. In that category, the jury considered that the text lays out a deep reflection about abandonment, aggression and loneliness, through a technical mastery of contemporary dramatic language.

“La Balada Post Futurista de los Moluscos”, del autor Bryan Vindas, bajo la dirección de Gladys Alzate

Bryan Vindas, writer of the work, said that the newly won awards of his work generate a deep joy: “I am aware of the honor and responsibility that a National Culture Award represents; I know the importance it has for the professional career; in addition, one assumes a responsibility vis-a-vis the country around his work, the aesthetic construction of his pieces, therefore, it fills me with joy, responsibility and honor. ”

“Winning a National Culture Award is a wonderful thing, it is a privilege and it is the result of a lot of work, at least in my case, and in the case of ‘La Balada’, -the play-, because I know the people who they were in the staging, the actors, the technicians, the ones in charge of the sound, of the plastic, of direction and I know that it was an arduous work of all, of a lot of listening, of a lot of respect, a lot of risk, a lot of confidence and a lot of rehearsal; when there is such a feedback, one feels very honest and very happy, ”added the writer.

Vindas also said that he wrote “The Futuristic Ballad of the Mollusks” following a close family situation, which is why the work represents a farewell letter to a family member in adolescent age. “I saw that this is a very important problem in the country, which has been taking place, so I began to investigate, to enrich the text, to enhance it from honesty, from a nostalgic farewell, but not dramatic and tragic, but very loving and that tone remained in the play, enriched by the director, so the play generates a lot of nostalgia, when touching the themes of suicide, abandonment, release, intrafamily violence, migration, so , it ends up being a collage of many situations that have occurred recently in the world, and that I have seen with my eyes ”.

“For me, the most important thing is that the work generates something for me as an author, and for the public, because if I don’t cry, if I don’t get sad, if I don’t smile, the public won’t experience it either. I’m grateful that, they trusted the play – the National Theater and the Costa Rica Publishing House; the work grew a lot, it worked and people have been touched by it; It has been very beautiful, ”said the author.

“La Balada Post Futurista de los Moluscos”, del autor Bryan Vindas, bajo la dirección de Gladys Alzate

This play arrived on the stage of the Vargas Calvo Theater when it was the winner of the XV National Competition of Unpublished Dramaturgy 2019 for chamber theater of the National Theater of Costa Rica.

“La balada” from the point of view of the Direction. Gladys Alzate, director of the play, affirms that “La Balada Post Futurista de los Moluscos”, indeed proved to be a very difficult text that faced multiple challenges, even from the title of the work, setting out that it is a post-futuristic ballad, it already marks a very specific aesthetic and methodological tendency.

“The theater is a very handmade craft, in which we need everyone to build and weave the sructure of the show that we are producing, and, when we manage to strengthen that work team and unite it in a clear poetic will that summons them all and it allows us to produce a joint sense, that makes the power and the connection with the spectator take place. I think that deciding on a specific speech to which we want to lead the staging and try that everyone speaks the same language is a complex process, but when it happens, it is wonderful, ”said Alzate, who won the National Theater Award for Best Address 2019, for this staging.

“I think this award is a recognition, in my case, of a life dedicated to an art that I really love very much, and that has allowed me to grow as a human being, as a woman, as a professional. Actually, I receive it as the prize of once in a lifetime; I take it with great gratitude. I have played in the theater from many fields, from management, puppets, direction, acting; I have been through many roles, and precisely I feel that the role of management is very special, because it summons you from a place of thought and an ability to coalesce the types of work with a lot of responsibility. It is an absolute leadership role and I appreciate being recognized for that performance, ”added the director.

The play has the leading participation of Javier Montenegro as Alejandro, and will also be accompanied by actors and actresses Ana Ulate, Miriam Calderón, María Luisa Garita and Uri Izrael.

“La Balada Post Futurista de los Moluscos” returns to the Vargas Calvo Theater. The work will be on the billboard from Friday 7 to Sunday 16 February, Friday and Saturday, at 8 p.m .; on Sundays, at 5 p.m., at the Vargas Calvo Theater. The general admission costs ¢ 8,000 colones; students and senior citizens with a student card, ¢ 5,200 colones. This discount only applies to the Theater ticket office and through the call center. Purchase tickets at the ticket office of the National Theater, on the website and tel .: 2010-1110.

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