Juan Santamaría Historical Cultural Museum will broadcast an audiovisual account of the National Campaign of 1856-1857 on their social networks

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The commemorations of April 8: “204th anniversary of the birth of” Pancha “Carrasco”; April 10: “164th anniversary of the Sardinal Combat (Sarapiquí)”; and on April 11: “164th anniversary of the Battle of Rivas and the remembered action of Alajuela soldier Juan Santamaría”, will be remembered by the social networks of the Juan Santamaría Historical Cultural Museum (MHCJS), which will publish the series through its social networks, between April 4 and 11, 2020, from 3 pm, with a total of eight chapters of this historic audiovisual series.

These videos of the “Gesta del 56” were produced by Canal 15 of the University of Costa Rica, in 2009, and by the Costa Rican filmmaker Carlos Freer Valle and directed by Andrés Heidenreich Brenes.

“Gesta del 56”, synthesizes in eight chapters of –approximately– 30 minutes each, an investigation carried out for more than four years, in the San Juan River basin and historical sites of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, scenes of the events of 1856 and 1857, against the presence of William Walker and his filibusters.

As Ana Xóchitl Alarcón Zamora, who was the director of channel 15 in 2009, explained, this historical document, unique in its audiovisual form, was possible thanks to the competition of a large number of institutional, academic, artistic and intellectual wills, and the work carried out by a team of more than 80 people, professionals in the areas of communication, history, fine arts, photography, music, graphic design, television editing, voice over, dramatic arts and digital animation, among others.

“The idea is to collaborate with a series of audiovisual and artistic content that various creators have been releasing these days, so that people who are at home enjoy quality content. Not everything is bad in times of Coronavirus. “Gesta” was born to be of the world and today it is liberated forever, so that now it does fulfill the wish of Don Carlos Freer (its creator and my audiovisual father) and a group of generous “Moors” people, as well as mine: so that each Costa Rican knows what really happened the day we won the war together, ”said Rocío Fernández Monge, current coordinator of Programming for Channel 15, at the University of Costa Rica.

Museo Histórico Cultural Juan Santamaría transmitirá relato audiovisual de la Campaña Nacional de 1856-1857 por sus redes sociales

For his part, Carlos Freer, producer of this work, indicated; “This documentary series is a legacy that Channel 15 of the University of Costa Rica wishes to leave to present and future generations, in light of our vision of these events at the beginning of the 21st century. Throughout the eight chapters we will make an account of what this Gesta of the Costa Rican and Central American people was, with its main protagonists, in a dramatic fight for their freedom. The importance that this fact has and transcends time, history and borders. It is a reality that transcends the past, present and even the future. It is an eternal presence, an everlasting one. ”

It should be noted that Channel 15 of the University of Costa Rica will be broadcasting the mini series from Monday April 6 to Thursday April 9, 2020, two chapters per day; At 10 am. and 5 p.m. (repeat) and, in addition, will have a great marathon on Saturday, April 11, with the broadcast of the eight episodes in a row at 6 a.m., 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.


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