JPS temporarily suspends national lottery and popular lottery draws -chances-

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In attention to the national emergency, as well as recommendations issued by the COE and the health of vendors, the Board of Directors of the Social Protection Board agreed to suspend the raffles for a specified period, as well as to stop producing the Rueda program indefinitely. of Fortune.

Such measures were taken yesterday during an extraordinary session carried out virtually.

1- The carrying out of the National Lottery and Popular Lottery drawings scheduled from Tuesday, March 24 to Sunday, April 05, 2020 is suppressed. THEY RESTART AFTER HOLY WEEK.
 2- The return of the lottery of the withdrawn draws will take place on Monday, March 23, 2020 at the time and places communicated by the JPS.
 3- The people who bought the lottery from the withdrawn draws will be notified in due course of the procedure and the means to refund their amount.
 4- The Wheel of Fortune is suppressed from March 21, 2020 and until further notice.
 5- The JPS studies all possible ways to provide financial support to vendors, due to the suppression of these raffles, as long as the legal framework allows it. For such purposes, it will coordinate with FOMUVEL and other State institutions.
 6- For the raffles on March 20 and 22, 2020, the withdrawal and return provisions that are being applied on the occasion of the state of emergency are maintained.
 7- The obligation to pay the quota and the collection of interest on the credits to the vendors are suspended for a period of two months.

According to the disposition of the Board of Directors, these measures may be expanded or modified in accordance with the measures stipulated by the government authorities to attend to the health emergency.

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