JPS approves temporary subsidy to lottery vendors

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This afternoon the Board of Directors of the Social Protection Board, JPS, took the agreement JD-256, within the framework of the national emergency declaration, to approve a subsidy of 200 thousand colones to each active seller of the national lottery and popular lottery affected for the suppression of the draws, as a result of the preventive measures before the COVID-19.

The Board of Directors of that institution carried out during the last week a series of actions and coordination with other entities in order to act humanely with the vendors, who, although they are independent workers, have income in the lottery sale for their families.

“We understand that this determination to suspend the draws for two weeks affects them economically, the other efforts have not progressed and in the context of this emergency we cannot leave these people without daily support,” said Esmeralda Britton President of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors agreement establishes the payment of this subsidy monthly for up to 3 months based on the projections of the health authorities. It will be financed with the institution’s own resources.

There are currently around 1,800 active saleswomen. The resources are expected to be channeled from April 3.

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