“Joint Radiotherapy Center” materializes and goes to pre-construction stage

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After the definitive approval of the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR), the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) signed the contract for 17 million dollars to erect the “Joint Radiotherapy Center” that will allow caring for oncology patients at the hospital Germán Blanco Cervantes, San Juan de Dios and National Children’s Hospital.

The center stars will be two high-tech linear accelerators capable of treating tumors with minimal effect on healthy areas of the body.

The CCSS Executive President, Dr. Román Macaya Hayes, proudly states that this great work represents the opportunity to recover a vision of the future after the diagnosis of cancer for the 1,300 people who will be treated each year.

The purpose of the “Joint Radiotherapy Center” is to increase the institutional installed capacity for cancer care and decrease mortality from this disease thanks to timely high-tech care.

Increasing the capacity for attention is necessary to compensate for the expected increase in the disease as a consequence of the average increase in the age of the population, since the risk of having cancer increases after the age of 50, although cases occur in all ages.

Dr. Alejandro Calderón Céspedes, member of the “Project for Strengthening Comprehensive Cancer Care” points out two relevant data to understand the impact of cancer in the coming years:

The national projection of cases indicates that the 12 thousand annual cases currently registered would double from the year 2040.

And according to data from the “World Cancer Observatory”, the risk of disease for the country indicates that one in five people may have cancer before the age of 74.

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