JAPDEVA says to advance development projects in Limón

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  • Bidders for the new Cruise Terminal and marina, and the new fishing pier go to the second stage of evaluation.

The Port Administration and Economic Development Board of the Atlantic Slope (JAPDEVA) finalized with the evaluations of bidders of the first stage of the selection process for the prefeasibility and feasibility studies of the Construction and Operation of the Marina and Cruise Terminal project in the Hernán Garrón Salazar Terminal, and the loading and unloading dock for hydrobiological products at the mouth of the Rio Cieneguita.

A total of 14 offers were submitted for the new Cruise and Marine Terminal, of which nine companies fulfilled the requirements established in the cartel and six were finally selected in accordance with the provisions of the Preinvestment Fund of the Ministry of Planning (MIDEPLAN) , from which the resources for these processes come.

“The Evaluation Commission analyzed technical, financial and compliance aspects, and the six bidders with the highest scores were selected. This is a group of companies with very high-level profiles that will now be required to move on to a second stage, which consists of presenting the technical and economic offer to carry out the studies, ”explained Andrea Centeno, Executive President of JAPDEVA.

As reported by JAPDEVA, the selected companies are:

  1. Consorcio Técnica y Proyectos S.A (TYPSA), Ingeniería Técnica de Proyectos, S. A (ITP)
  2. Moffatt & Nichol
  3. Consorcios CASICA S.A (CACISA) and CSI Ingenieros S.A (CSI);
  4. Bermello Ajamil Consortium / Partners / Ausenco (BIA / AUSENCO)
  5. GENSLER / Harris Civil Engineers / BAIRD Consortium.
  6. ARCADIS / CAMACHO Y MORA Consortium.

This port infrastructure project in Limón will allow having the only tourist marina in the Costa Rican Caribbean, as well as improving the conditions of the cruise terminal located in the Hernán Garrón Salazar Port Terminal. Whoever gets the best qualification at a technical level will be able to negotiate the economic offer and thus determine the award.

For its part, for the construction of a loading and unloading dock for hydrobiological products at the mouth of the Rio Cieneguita, JAPDEVA received six bidders, of which four met the requirements and received the highest ratings. Namely:

  1. Ingeniería Técnica de Proyectos / Técnicas de Proyectos S.A
  2. CSI Consortium – Engineers / CASISA.
  3. Aquatic Consortium / PIASA / CDG.
  4. ARCADIS / CAMACHO Y MORA Consortium

JAPDEVA also launched in November 2019 the competition for pre and feasibility studies for the Construction of an Industrial Park for the Caribbean in Liverpool, Limón. Three bidders were received in this process, of which in the evaluation process it was determined that two did not meet the admissibility requirements. For this reason, the entity announces that next Monday, March 30, the contest will be reopened in order to recruit a larger number of bidders to carry out this important project.

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