It is still very early and dangerous to celebrate. To stay at home

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The Minister of Health, Daniel Salas started today the daily press conference indicating the corporate, individual and governmental responsibility in the prevention actions before the COVID-19.

In this line, the hierarch reminded companies of the need to control income, take measures to indicate the indicated distance between people, constantly disinfect frequent contact surfaces and enable differentiated schedules for older adults.

“There is an individual responsibility when we can decide not to go out, but we are fully aware that a high percentage of the population must go out to work or do some urgent process and that is where the responsibility of institutions and companies becomes essential to protect these people, implementing the given sanitary instructions. As clients, we demand these conditions and the government’s commitment is to be implacable with those companies where noncompliance is evident, ”said Salas.

He also reiterated that the recommendation given by the health authority for the general population that should leave their homes is to implement prevention and hygiene measures.

“If you have to leave home, protect yourself: respect the distance between people, wash your hands as often as possible and try not to touch your face if you haven’t washed your hands. Those are the most important measures for their protection, “stressed the hierarch.

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