Isla San Lucas will have an investment of ₡ 1,452 million

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With an investment of ₡ 1,452 million, the development of comprehensive restoration projects for the new Isla San Lucas National Park will continue, both in tourism and infrastructure, reported the First Lady and coordinator of the Reactivation Route, Claudia Dobles.

In this context, it announced that two relevant events will take place in November of this year 2020. The first will be the delivery of the “Isla San Lucas Master Plan”, which will project future development routes, which required an investment of ₡ 24 million.

The second is the signing of the twinning agreement with Alcatraz National Park, located in the United States of America. This agreement will seek to motivate the exchange of experiences learned between both entities, in order to improve the processes of conservation and management of natural and architectural heritage resources on the islands.

Dobles explained that the delivery of the new house for the park rangers is scheduled for next December and that in the next few days the rehabilitation works of the old command will begin, among other works.

The investment for ₡ 1,452 million comes from different institutions such as the Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports (INCOP), the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Investments in detail

Isla San Lucas Master Plan. In order to carry out an adequate planning of the infrastructure that the future development of the Island requires, the design of the Plan is in progress, which will be ready in November of this year. It is financed with funds from the II EU-CR Debt for Nature Swap for an amount of ₡ 24 million.

Ranger House. For December 2020 the delivery of a new house for park rangers is expected. The construction includes the design and inspection of the works, with an investment of ₡ 60 million by SINAC for its guard personnel on the island.

Former command and structural reinforcement. In the next few days, the rehabilitation works of the Old Command will begin with an investment of ₡ 418 million. Delivery is scheduled for May 2021.

By early 2021 it is planned to start with the structural reinforcement works of the cells, roofs and corridor of the old prison, with an investment of ₡ 350 million once the public bidding process is completed.

Both projects will be financed by the INCOP-ICT-BNCR Trust.

New berth. In August 2021, the construction project of a new berth for the island will be delivered, the design of which would be ready in December 2020. This construction process of ₡ 600 million will be done through the ICT-INDER-INCOP agreement.

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