Isla San Lucas remains open to tourists after suspected case of Covid19

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Faced with a suspicious case of COVID-19 among the staff of Isla San Lucas, the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) and the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) proactively canceled the morning tours today and proceeded to disinfect the facilities, which allowed the island to be operating normally this Sunday afternoon.

On the other hand, the official who could be infected with the coronavirus and those who came into contact with him were immediately isolated. At this time, the organized and safe departure of these people and the disinfection of the ranger house are coordinated.

In order to reopen the place, the personnel changed, so that officials transferred from another SINAC work area were in charge of attending to visitors.

Finally, from MINAE-SINAC it is highlighted that all measures are worked in coordination with the private sector and community actors.

It has been coordinated for the officials to leave the island this Monday, September 14, with the support of the Ministry of Health (MINSA), to be treated and to be tested. Meanwhile, they must remain isolated in the house of officials.

The island closed its doors this morning, Sunday the 13th, to coordinate all these works and carry out disinfection of bathrooms for visitors, in addition to transferring officials from other ASPs to serve the public. However, by the afternoon the Island already has its doors open.

The MINAE-SINAC, in coordination with the Presidential House, CATUP, MINSA and the support of the CNE and other institutions, has taken immediate action to comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Health and guarantee a safe stay for both visitors and officials.

Our visitors and tour operators are reminded of the obligation to comply with sanitary measures and recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health, fundamentally physical distancing, hand washing and correct use of masks at all times; as well as the instructions issued by the site administration.

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