Ireland pays 173-year-old favor to American Indian people

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In times of gray news where the headlines of art, culture, music and theater have been haunted by the sad statistics of contaminated and deceased, the publisher of Paradise Products Costa Rica has decided to share this beautiful news and the story of solidarity between peoples, a act as natural as human and that in pressing times we should not forget.

The potato famine in Ireland.

From 1845 to 1849, Ireland suffered a famine estimated to have killed over a million people and forced nearly a million more to emigrate. Reducing the population of the Island about 30%. The Irish economy and livelihood during the time depended almost exclusively on potato cultivation, a crop that was devastated by a plague that attacked the tuber throughout Europe throughout the 1840s.

This event is still alive in the Irish identity, it was and is one of the factors that define the separation and political identities of the Irish and their relationship with the United Kingdom.

The Choctaw and their Donation to Ireland.

In 1847, the Choctaw people, indigenous people of the United States, received news of the Irish famine and decided to collect and donate $ 170, equivalent to the current $ 5,300 adjusted for inflation. The gesture according to historians is due to the fact that 16 years before, the indigenous people had suffered a similar famine, which led them to empathize with their Irish brothers on the other side of the ocean.

Go found me the Irish Pay

On March 15 on the Go Found Me Platform. A fundraising campaign was created for the Navajo Nation. An American Indian nation severely affected by the covid attacks19. The Irish quickly jumped into this campaign, donating money and writing messages of thanks and happiness for having the possibility of returning the enormous favor done by the Native Americans in 1847.

It is definitely nice to see brotherhood and accompaniment of peoples separated by oceans and yet help and collaboration offered in difficult times. It is precisely that spirit of collaboration and understanding of the fragility of the other that we need to carry out the task of defeating the virus that attacks us without distinction, of race, gender, religion or nationality.

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