Iota adds more than 25 deaths in Honduras and Nicaragua. Affects road infrastructure in Costa Rica

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The passage of Hurricane Iota through Colombia (San Andrés), Nicaragua and Honduras, countries in which it made landfall and directly affected at least 25 deaths.

Six of them today in Nicaragua after a landslide where at least 6 have been declared dead out of a total of 11 missing.

In Honduras an entire house was covered after landslides, killing at least 3 people. In Costa Rica there are no deaths, but substantial damage to state and municipal road infrastructure is reported.

Improved weather changes alerts to green and yellow for Costa Rica.

Given the substantial improvement in weather conditions for the remainder of the week, the CNE modifies the alerts that the country maintained after the exit of the indirect effect of Hurricane Iota. The CNE establishes the Yellow Alert status for the North Zone, the North Pacific, the Central Pacific and the South Pacific. In addition, the Yellow Alert for the Central Valley is maintained, as well as the Green Alert for the Caribbean Region.

It is important to consider that there is still a high saturation in soils, clogged rivers, and that rains are expected as of Friday as a result of a low pressure system in the Caribbean Sea The CNE reminds the population to be alert to changes in environment and in case of emergency, call 9-1-1.

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