INVU relaxes quotas in savings and credit contracts

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Aware of the emergency situation in the country, as a result of the impact of the Covid-19, the National Institute of Housing and Urbanism (INVU) has decided to make the loan installments of the line of financing more flexible: Savings and Loan Plans.

This was explained by Executive President Tomás Martínez, who stated that “in this way they would be helping those who have operations with the institution and have been impacted by Covid-19, and with the primary interest of mitigating liquidity problems and strengthening the solvency of the clients”

The measure consists of a readjustment of installments in the credits of the Savings and Loan Plans, reducing the amount of the installment originally agreed by up to 40% – depending on the case -, varying the term or date of completion of the loan. This benefit is for clients of the Savings and Loan System who are up to date or with a delay of no more than 60 days, giving priority to those affected by the emergency.

To opt for this solution, starting on Monday, March 30, the request can be made through the INVU website (, without having to appear on the service platform. This in order to facilitate the process and make it more agile.

One of the requirements is to present a letter of dismissal or reduction of working hours, either from the person who owns the operation or from their family nucleus (with whom they live under the same roof).

Requests will not be attended in person, only electronically, to avoid exposure of our customers to Covid -19.

As of the approval of the application and for the following three months, no default interest will be charged in the cases that correspond to Covid -19.

In relation to the savings plans, the installments may be suspended for up to three months, without delaying the maturity of the contract or any penalty, and based on the evolution of the situation, it would consider an additional extension for the same period.

The Board of Directors of the Institution will continue analyzing other additional measures of support to the clients of the different financing lines, which will be publicly and timely announced by its official means:, Facebook: National Institute Housing and Urbanism, Twitter: INVU_Costa Rica.

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